My Plastic Surgery Experience

For years I have thought about plastic surgery.  After having four children and nursing four babies, there were definitely things that needed some tweaking on my body when all that was said and done.  There are many things that happen with age and after having children you come to see the realization of what your body has now shifted into!  I felt like I had two halves of bananas on my chest when I bent over because of extra skin and gravity for boobs.  Haha!  Changing something on my body permanently was a very big decision.  Plastic surgery or any alteration to yourself of that magnitude always needs to be considered for a good amount of time. Be sure that number one, you are mentally prepared to go through this procedure and adapt to change and number two you have decided to do it for healthy and positive reasons.  Any time you decide to make a shift in who you are whether mentally or physically, it truly needs to be done for yourself.  You should never change something because you think it would please someone else or you are trying to be something that you honestly in your heart are not happy with.  I have pondered these thoughts and feeling for many years and was now in a space to be absolute certain that I was ready to take this step to have my body change whole heartedly.  I was so grateful that I had full support of my family and friends around me.  That was so important to me that they wanted me to make a choice that I was happy with and would make me feel better about myself in so many ways.  I know that we each have to take every step to make the right decision for us.


When I decide to have a boob job (breast augmentation)  I wanted to to do my research. I spent many hours researching online looking at photos of before and afters and looking at different doctors work.  I knew there were quite a few options that I had where I live.  I looked into pretty much every plastic surgeon in Northern Utah to ensure that I found the doctor that would meet my expectations.  After doing all my research I decided upon Dr. Ashby at Ashby Plastic Surgery in Layton, Utah.  I made an appointment to have a consultation at his office and decided that I would see what I thought after I had met with him and we discussed what I wanted done.  I knew if I didn’t feel comfortable I would be able  to find a different option and find a doctor and staff I felt comfortable with.  I was so grateful when Dr. Ashby and his staff where so kind and informative.  I felt so confident that they had understood what I really desired in the look and care of my surgery.  At my consultation we had a full discussion of what I did not like about my boobs.  They were on the small side but not tiny.  Because I have nursed four babies they definitely were a little stretched out and not as perky as I would like them.  I also knew I did not want to get a very large implant in because I am so tiny (I’m 5’0″) and my body is small in general so I felt it would be a bit much on my petite frame.  My biggest desire was for my breasts to be lifted and a small implant and my areola made smaller.  I was so grateful for Dr. Ashby and his staff for all their knowledge and expertise.  We discussed all of my options and what my hopes were for the outcome of my surgery.  They showed me the the different implants and options and what would suit me best for the look I desired.  I really was nervous about being able to achieve what I wanted and Dr. Ashby talked me through every question I had and put me at complete ease.

Once I had my consultation and I was ready to go ahead with things I scheduled my surgery.  I did go back for a pre-op appointment about a week before I had the surgery done.  At this appointment they went over everything with me and we finalized size so that they could order the correct size implant.  I was still undecided if I wanted the 280 cc’s or the 300 cc’s.  This is how implants are measured and the higher the number the larger they are.  They did let me know at this time that they could “size” me in surgery.  This means they would put an implant in and then sit me up to see the proportion on my frame.  I really emphasized that I did not want to be too large and to stay on the smaller side when they were sizing.  They gave me instructions for medications and prescriptions to fill for pain medicine, anti-nausea medicine, and an antibiotic.  I do tend to get sick to my stomach very easily and I had let them know that I was concerned with the pain meds that this could become a problem.  They told me that they would prescribe something so I would not have this problem and I was so happy when I did not have one time that I was nauseated! Once this appointment was done it was just waiting for the official day!


I definitely made sure everything was caught up and done when it was the day of my surgery.  I grocery shopped, cleaned the house, caught up on work, made sure laundry was done, and anything that was on my list to complete.  Once it was the morning of the surgery, surprisingly I was not really nervous.  I really felt so confident in Dr. Ashby and his staff and I knew they would take good care of me.   When I went in I had the morning appointment at 8:30 and could not eat or drink anything after midnight.  Dr. Ashby and his staff talked me through everything that would be done in surgery and went over size again.  They gave me instructions on care afterward and what to expect.  I then went back into their surgical room and they started the IV with medicine to make me sleep.  I was out probably with in two minutes and they told me that I was a light weight when I woke up! Ha ha!  The only thing that I remember was that I was dreaming about snowboarding! They turned the medicine off when they were almost done so that I start to wake up as they are finishing.  I could hear voices but I felt like I couldn’t open my eyes and just felt very sleepy.  I woke up without pain just pressure.  They were seriously so sweet and positive as I was coming out of it.  They were stroking my hair and making sure that I was ok and not in pain.  They were letting me know what all had been done and how amazing it looked and how great it went.  I remember sitting up and getting into a wheel chair so that I could go home.  They helped me get my clothes and things and I was ready to go and rest.

Luke brought me home and got me some food so that I could start my medicine for pain and nausea.  The pain medicine made me very sleepy so quite honestly I just slept and rested the first few days.  Luke would make me food and take care of me and I just stayed in bed.  You truthfully cannot do much because it feels very sore to move your arms and body.  I actually was surprised that it was not as painful as I thought it would be.  There was just an enormous amount of pressure.  I had my implants under the muscle and I know the shift in my body that way created a great amount of pressure.  I told Luke it felt like a five year old was sitting on my chest! Ha!  After my first few days I had another appointment to go back for a post op checkup.  They removed the tape bra and compression bra and let me see them for the first time.  They were definitely still swollen and healing but it felt so good to get the tape off of them.  I was excited to see what I had done!

Since this procedure it has now been over 4 weeks and I am still healing.  It has taken longer than I thought it would to heal to be honest.  I am very impatient and I thought I would be up and completely normal after a week no problem.  What I did not factor in was the internal breast lift that I had ( this is what Dr. Ashby does as opposed to an external lift).  An external lift gives a lift to the breast but ends up creating scars that are visible on the outside under portion of the breast.  The internal does not produce any scarring on the exterior that way and you get an amazing lifted result!  My boobs are so perky now!!  This was one of the many reasons I chose Dr. Ashby because he is the only doctor in the state of Utah that does this procedure and the less scarring the better!  I have LOVED the result of this!  I could honestly not be more pleased.  I knew that I would be happy with the outcome of this procedure but it has taken a little longer to heal.  I know that I have to take good care of my body and eat healthy and get plenty of rest to help my body heal at its best.  I think one of the most difficult things for me has been just wanting to do too much and my body not ready to do it all.  I know that I need to be patient and take the required time to heal.

With all that said the experience has been extremely positive and I am happy thus far.  I will blog about this more in a few months and let you know how I feel as swelling continues to go down and things heal even more.  I really wanted to share and be open so that anyone considering this surgery could see an honest experience with it.  I am so grateful that this entire process has been so positive and all of my fears were eased by Dr. Ashby and his staff and they truly were amazing every single step of the way.  I feel so happy with my results and how I feel getting dressed every morning.  It is such a big decision and a personal journey. If anyone has any questions I am happy to answer and share with the hopes that I can be helpful to even one person.  If it is not a question I have the knowledge to answer I will provide Dr. Ashby’s information for his office at the end of this post or you can view his website here so that anyone may contact their office who may be considering any type of plastic surgery or have questions about it.  I hope this post was helpful and I am always grateful that I can share my experience with you all!

P.S. I realized I did not take any great before pictures so these are the ones I had to use!




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