Thank you so much for your interest in myself and my blog! I am so full of gratitude for all those who wish to share in my journey and my passions.  This is a little bit about my life, my adventure of blogging,  and why I hope to inspire you…

At the beginning of 2015 I had to look in the mirror, be honest with myself, and make some extremely tough personal decisions in my life.  Upon this journey and with much contemplation, I learned a great deal about who I am and about others.  One of the biggest parts of this experience, was that I realized we are all truly searching for the same common goals. Each one of us crave to thrive in joy, as well as have the desire to live a loving and beautiful life.  I also saw that so many of us look for answers, joy, approval, and validation in the outside world, yet all the while the purest happiness, joy and love has to begin on the inside…. period.  My wish in sharing my life through blogging is that I may inspire others to embrace this crucial connection between our inner beings and outer environment and circumstances. In a simplified manner, our inner souls are cohesive with our exterior human experience.  This is not always an easy thing to maneuver and the challenge being that it is a thoughtful practice each and every day. Over the course of my difficult time, something inside of me finally clicked. I had the epiphany that maybe the true love of my life is oneself and it was time for me to fall deeply and passionately in love with her.

A little background about me:

I am a hairdresser with over 20 years experience.  Having worked in the beauty industry for two decades, I have always had an appreciation for all things beauty, fashion, design, and lifestyle related.  I am passionate about creating beautiful aesthetics in every aspect!  I have always been drawn to the artistry side of my environment and creating beauty whether personally, or in my home.  Along with that, I am also extremely fortunate to have an amazing family that supports me in every way and who are truly the breath to my being.  I am and always will be a girl who is grateful for my life experiences, spirituality, and all things in my life that have shaped me into the woman I am today. I look so forward to creating a friendship with my followers and readers and embarking on a beautiful experience for each one of us to grow and flourish from.  Thank you for your support and kindness on my blog.  If you’d like to get in touch with me or have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at saschaovard@gmail.com.